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Kilik Chambers - Power Plant

Kaede was knocked back by Yaibe's Faint Attack, but then he went & dug underground. Was Ruby in a rut already? Either she's worried about her Pokemon's safety, or this is her limit. This can't be it, can it? Maybe it would've been better if this were just a 1-on-1 battle. At least then the battle would already be over. Kilik should think how many Pokemon to battle with against trainers more.

"Kaede, come to the surface!" Whoops. Kilik was stuck in his thoughts he forgot about the battle. That's one mistake he shouldn't make. Yaibe is sent upwards from the attack, & his form started changing. What came back down was a Zorua, Kilik's Mistress. Her cover is blown.

"Hi~" Mistress smiled as she landed roughly. Well, back to 'business.'

"Give 'em a Scary Face!" Kilik said out loud. Mistress was very excited about this new move of hers. With her best effort, she gave the scariest face she could give to Kaede. It could even scare Kilik actually, well not quite.

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