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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    @SK3: Ooh... now this is a very nice piece if I say so.

    I can see you've got a pretty good composer doing music for your hack here. I'm tempted to arrange these midis with the actual in-game instruments. Unfortunately I cannot do it in such a manner as to put them in the game or I'd offer to do that for you too, but hey; free publicity is free right? (Or at least it would be if I actually had access to the files to begin doing this)

    Speaking of which, I decidedly asked you first, but if you wanted I could go ask the composer them-self. I happened to be subscribed to them...
    About that.
    I'm glad you enjoy the composition and want to remix it, however I would prefer to distribute any game-related files until after the actual release .
    Lots of work have been put into these MIDIs, and I don't really want to distribute anything to anyone right now that aren't directly involved with the hack itself. And, I have uploaded in-game versions of the MIDIs (besides the most recent one) onto Youtube, so mixing them with soundfonts wouldn't really be necessary. I hope you can understand.

    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    I must admit the music for this hack is spot on.
    Though alot are medleys and remixes I, being a music fanatic myself, love them to bits.

    As for the screens, They look so good, you've really done ya'self well with the default tiles, too.
    I look forward to this, whenever you get round to releasing.

    Thank you sir! Glad you enjoy everything so far! Schools ending soon, and when it ends, Daydream White will be my main focus, so I think if enough work gets done over this vacation, I should have a mid-summer release, or at least a release before school starts again! :D

    Daydream White version

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