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    George Edmunds

    “5 minutes until arrival at the Oak Island port. Please prepare to disembark.” The voice over the PA system was loud. So loud in fact that it jerked George awake. The book fell from his face and hit Kane who was snoozing next to him. The growlithe gave a yelp as it jumped to attention looking around wildly for the attacker.
    “Calm down buddy!” George smiled as he petted Kane. The startled Pokémon seemed satisfied with this explanation and lay back down. George caught the puppy Pokémon trying to close its eyes and return to sleep.
    “Oh no you don’t! If I have to get up so do you!” The boy scooped up the orange bundle of fur and carried him across the deck to the railing.
    “Aber! Uhuru! Stop messing around and get over here!” Within a couple of minutes a bagon appeared. A few seconds later a buizel strolled around the corner spinning a white hat on its paw. George looked at both with a grin on his face.
    “I hope you two haven’t been causing too much trouble!” He eyed the white hat the buizel was holding, “That better not be what I think it is. Go and hand that back to the captain right now! Honestly Aber I can’t take you anywhere!” The buizel, Aber, wandered off again. George watched her disappear and reappear. This time there was nothing in her paws however.
    “Well guys, we’re nearly there. Look you can see the academy from the see…at least I think that’s the academy. It looks grand enough. I hear the staff are some of the pre-eminent leaders in their fields!” All four figures stared at the approaching island.
    “Well lets go and grab my bag and we’ll get in line to disembark.” The group walked below deck.

    “We have now arrived at Oak Island! Please disembark promptly!” The voice called again a few minutes later and George turned to his friends.
    “Right guys I know it’s not ideal but it’s going to be a lot easier if you get in your pokeballs for now. I’ll let you out when I get to the dorm room if not before.” The four Pokémon were recalled in turn and George placed the pokeballs back on his belt. He then picked up his rucksack and disembarked from the ship.

    “Damn it, the letters say something about a dorm jacket but I have no idea where to get it from. All they say is “Congratulations! You have been chosen to stay in Suicine Dorm!”” This seemed to him to be the most urgent problem as he had no idea where to go or where to pick anything up from. The boy sighed dropped his bag on the floor, rummaged in it until he pulled out his trainer card and acceptance letters and then swung the rucksack back on.
    “Well I can’t do anything until I get rid of these bags. I hope I’m supposed to pick it up from the academy. They didn’t mention anything about picking it up prior to arrival. Perhaps I should head for the academy and just wing it…” He turned and headed in the direction of the buildings he believed to be the academy grounds.
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