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    The Council remained silent as Caedmon lay forth his argument. Then Joshua spoke, "Caedmon, perhaps you have forgotten all of the sins the Mechanists have performed over the years? The deaths? The kidnappings? The way they rebuke Arceus himself? They spit in the face of the Gods. Remember that Caedmon. Even if you were to spare all of them of what they justly deserve, what then? Bring them all here and placed in the prison? It can only hold so many Caedmon, where would we put the others, hmm? Stick them in a watch tower and tell them to be good little sinners and they can leave later?"

    Urit smirked, "Or maybe he wanted to keep some in his house to let them kill him in his sleep!?"

    There was some laughter among the council and even the normally stoic Eugene smirked, "Or perhaps he couldn't find a mate among the pokemon here and he thought a Mechanist would be easier to woo?" There was now loud laughter coming from the three. Fergo was the only one who showed no emotion as he raised his hand to quiet the other Council members. "Caedmon... these thoughts are... troubling to hear. You have been through your training and you know your responsibility as second in command. Perhaps we chose wrong in that decision..."

    Fergo thinks for a minute before he nods, "Right. Caedmon, to prove your allegiance to the Knights we set a task before you. You are to head to the dungeons and interrogate the Mechanist prisoners. Find out where they are keeping Matthew as well as the knowledge in how to read their map. You will stay down there until you bring us that information. Fail in this and perhaps you will find yourself in a... less opportunistic situation."

    Urit grinned, "You're just giving him what he wants. I'm sure the Mechanists will be more than happy to know that Caedmon is a sympathizer, he might even breed with one of them!" More laughter came forth as Fergo once again held up his hand.

    "This is no matter for laughter Urit, Matthew is missing and here you spend time cracking jokes." The smile faded from the Council's faces as Fergo turned back to the Knights, "You all are dismissed."

    Maverick and Famidus rose and walked out. Famidus was already heading downstairs as Maverick waited for Caedmon to come out. "The council laughed." He said slowly. He glared at the Lucario, "Get down to those cells now." He said with an edge in his voice as he headed downstairs.
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