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Daniel accepted the paper back, glanced at it for a moment before folding it up and sticking it in his pocket with a smile and a nod, patting said pocket afterwards.
“Thanks, Mark. I’ll take your word for it and do my best to stick to where I know I am. And hey… thanks for the fun adventure earlier. Good luck training your Gligar!”

Daniel began walking down the large main street of the town, turning to wave back at the three, grinning broadly. He couldn’t help himself. He was feeling like he had made a great new couple of friends today, and he was hoping they could meet up again at some point and have another adventure. Maybe a battle, even. Once him and Alexis had gotten stronger.
“Come on Alexis, let’s go!”

Alexis smiled up at Len and raised her other paw to rest on the back of the hand grasping her first paw, giving his hand a little squeeze. “Yeah, it was great meeting you as well! I’m looking forward to it.”
She gave his hand another squeeze before pulling back, waving up at Snype with a paw.
“I’ll see you guys later! Take care!”

And with that, she turned and rushed to catch up with Daniel, ending up strolling casually on all four by his side as they moved through the town, looking at the various buildings and shops there, Alexis taking a last glance at the trio behind them.
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