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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I was really excited when I was linked to this because it was so cool but then when I realized that the female trainer--honestly the only reason I'm at all excited about this game (she's so cute!)--got the shaft in this trailer, my interest kind of dropped. None of my favourites were featured in it so the only thing that made me happy was Bianca, haha. :'(

I really hope they do animated trailers for all the Pokemon games now, even if only the main ones. This was gorgeous and I just wanna see more of them, even if I don't think it's going to be a decent representation of the game. (I think the trailer seems a lot more epic than BW2 will probably turn out to be. )
Yeah Erica, it would have been nicer if the girl was in the trailer. I really wanted to see an anime version of her...

At least Bianca and Cheren's appearances made up for it, the voices were great not to forget the scene of Arcanine attacking Seviper, Lucario using Aura Sphere, Samurott using Ice Beam, Elesa appearing with her Zebstrika and Emolga and also the appearance of the Shadow Triad and N.
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