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Danielle Accola - Abandoned Power Plant

"Yeah, I see that now. Well at least you didn't get swarmed Danielle and you weren't harmed either.” Lucia came up to Danielle after battling the flock of Magnemites. “Your pokemon did take some damaged. Perhaps it is best if we get out of here and head on to the pokemon center? “

Danielle nodded with agreement. “Yes. We really need to go there. Mienfoo is hurt, and Ozzy needs a check up after so much battling. Plus, it was a wild Pachirisu, so I want to get it checked out.”

Jack and his Pokemon (Blade the Scizor and a Pansage, Herb) came up towards the girls, who knew what happened to him during the battle. "Guess you can see why it was kinda locked down now. Both of you alright?"

“We're fine, but my Pokemon aren't.” Danielle replied. “Mienfoo is very weak and needs medical attention right now. My Pachirisu is alright, but I want him to get checked out.”

“Pachi Pachi Pachiii...” Ozzy spoke after Danielle, staring down at Lucia's Pokemon right in front of him. Tyro the Combusken was talking constantly to Herb, Jack's Pansage. “Pachii?” He got closer to Tyro and got engaged in the conversation.

“Now, Jack....we should probably find an exit to this place and head straight to a nearby Pokemon Center.” Danielle told Jack. “I think I learned my lesson to not carry less than two Pokemon with me, which is why I decided to capture Ozzy.” She then explained a bit about how she met Ozzy. Then the trio and the Pokemon started to walk. “I named Ozzy after a good friend of mine back in Celadon. He's very frisky, and determined. I rarely see him faint.”

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