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Originally Posted by TBgamer4life View Post
Ok, so I am doing a pokémon Platinum let's play on YouTube, I am not able to trade so getting alakazam/machamp/gengar, etc is impossible. I am only able to catch in-game pokémon. I am trying to come up with a good balanced yet interesting team to watch me play. I currently have Turtwig, Bidoof, Zubat and Machop (to trade for abra when he is lvl 15). I was thinking of this type of team:
Torterra (Grass/Ground) -> weakness Fly,Fire,Bug and Ice

Crobat (Poison/Flying) -> weakness Electric,Psych, Ice and Rock

Bibarel (Normal/Water) -> weakness Fighting,Grass and Electric

Kadabra (Psychic) -> weakness Ghost, Bug and Dark
Haunter (Poison/Ghost) -> weakness Ghost, Psych, Dark

Magmar (Fire) -> weakness Water, Ground, Rock
Flareon (Fire) -> weakness Water, Ground, Rock
Houndoom (Dark/Fire) -> weakness Water,Fight, Rock and Ground

The sixth slot is still empty, maybe a gyarados (preferably a pokemon that you can catch quite early in the game, I'm at the Valley Windworks). Could you help me decide which fire pokemon and which Sp. attacker (kadabra vs haunter) I should pick?
Just down to personal opinion, Haunter and Houndoom. You could always make that an aspect of your LP. Make it, sort of interactive. You leave the decision up to the viewers, wait a day or so, then go with the majority. :)
Originally Posted by rave of shaggy View Post
I was thinking of trying a Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Sequence Breaker Gameplay.
Basically doing the dungeons out of order using various glitches and tricks

once i get a new computer...the last one broke lol
That would be cool to see. I would enjoy watching that.