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    Originally Posted by Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers View Post
    @ Zerin / Akio - We replied because it seemed like you wanted replies. That he happened to use the word "butchered" doesn't mean that he hates you.

    @ Ichiro - I think it's ok to try and make RPs out of anything. With a good enough idea and the will to set up an intricate enough plot or setting and game mechanics, nothing is impossible, just maybe less simple than some other settings. At least this is the view that I'd like to have but perhaps I just haven't tried making too strange RPs yet x3
    Well, I agree with you, it's ok to try and make RPs about whatever you feel like. But it's just that sometimes there are some things that are better off staying just like they are. Like TF2.

    @Ichiro: I actually like the prehistoric people idea. Maybe they could be like rebels? But the only problem with that is that it would seem like that idea was ripped off the Sixers.

    @Gunnerpow: But if Magikarp is the most powerful... what about Gyarados, it's evolution? xD