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    I agree with BobandBill. I forgot to say that I am basically refering to Competitive Battling.

    Okay I get how everyone hates Zubat,Tentacool,Geodude,Roggenrola etc because they are so many. Their extreme abundance makes them annoying. You have to battle a thousand of those till you manage to cross a road in the game or a cave in the case of Zubats. But their annoyance is just due to that. They are easy as poop to beat.

    And btw Clefairy is easier to beat than Blissey. Blissey can take physical hits better and all.

    And Stunfisk,Garbodor and the likes are just hated because their design sucks and they are fugly. Garbodor being both very average and fugly is hated too much. Stunfisk is actually quite good for a stall team.

    Audino isn't hated, I don't know why you say that. She is actually very bulky and a great Support Pokemon and she can take hits,both physical and special, like nothing. She can be a big help in the team. Her design isn't bad as well.

    Anyway, Blissey is much more hated. At least in Gen4 she was the most hated Pokemon!! In Gen5 she still is kinda hated but yeah Landorus and Terrakion both share their fair amount of hatred from us. Anyway, Alomomola is very hated as well. She is so annoying to KO due to her physical bulkiness and huge HP and the Wishes she passes. Amoonguss is hated too due to bad design(according to others not me) and annoying ability paired with Spore and bulkiness.