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Somewhere, Eterna City

Trying to Explain

One Hundred and Seven

Yula, Amethyst

Amy stopped abruptly as the girl began to question her. Well, this is it I guess... No way out now... Feeling weighed down by her inevitable defeat, she slowly walked back the the girl, her head lowered. "I guess I can't get away with it now... I'm one hundred and seven years old. I was sent through time for about a hundred years... I'm actually about seven... Maybe younger... I can't remember exactly... I'm sorry for lying..." She held her hands together in front of her and looked up at the girl. Her red eye gleamed next to her blue one, though she was able to pull off the "adorable little girl" stare with relative ease.

Ugh, Amethyst, do you really need to stoop to that level? Blade's voice echoed in her mind, so she responded, Maybe not, but i have to be safe... She looked up at the girl, her eyes soft, however much they contrast each other. Hopefully she wouldn't suffer the same fate as that piece of wood, because this girl seemed perfectly fine with eating people too. Amy hoped she wouldn't be one of those people.

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