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    Originally Posted by Alternative View Post

    Yeah. I don't own too many champs, but half the free ones for the week I've already got, that being Alistar, Varus, Lux and Riven. And as for the sale, yuck. The only tempting one is Yorick tbh, and I don't want him because I want Renekton.

    @double trouble One time I heard that you're not ever going to get real experience in games against bots. You play normals and you'll get that experience, it's the only place you can start to feel challenged and you know, have a role and so on it's hard to explain lol. But one thing you have to remember is that you will win and lose games, regardless. Sometimes you may not be as good as someone else, but don't let it get to you. They were also that bad at one stage.

    I'll keep my RP for now though, but I will be trying out Malzahar and Morgana heavily when my internet get's back to full speed again, since they're champions I really want to try out and play for reals.

    Also today I played a game, two people on my team left and we still won. :D
    This week is already frustrating :/ I really can't stand the idiots I get matched with all the time.
    We were winning... then these idiots on my team kept going out solo and fed Graves.
    Game over :|

    Yeah, I know you don't get a lot out of bots. But I'm just too scared to try out my other champions in normal lol. But yeah, I have to stop doing that because I'm getting tired of Fizz/Annie/Kennen. I still like them, but I need a break. Since I started using LolMatches (for tracking my stats), I've played 46 games with Fizz, 25 with Kennen (and I just got him before week 25), and 13 with Annie.

    I own Annie, Ashe, Caitlyn (from sale), Fizz, Jax, Kennen, Lux, Nasus, Poppy, Sona, Soraka, Teemo, Tristana, and Ziggs (sale).
    I just started playing Tristana in normals. Not doing bad.
    I'm level 22 atm, almost 23.
    I should start using Ziggs again, he's quite fun. I haven't used him since I lost a game with him though :|
    But again... it wasn't my fault. I was playing with idiots.
    I have 5.6k IP right now. Not saving it for a 6300. I might buy a 1350 some time soon.

    Edit: Hit 23 :D
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