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    She sighed when she heard Arcadia say that she has a feeling that they were hiding something form us and holding us back. Then she actually thought about from the perspective of Arcadia. She perked up when she heard Arcadia say that she has evidence. She turnd around to see her spinning a Pokeball on her finger she thought that the Pokeball had something to do with it. She smiled at Arcadia and was looking at the Pokeball wondering what could be inside of it. Sh also wondered what they were hiding from us. She finally spoke up again.

    " I sort of feel the same way but why would they hold us back. Maybe it's bcause their scared that one day we would over power them. And you have evidence " Zora said the second part to herself but somehow knew that Arcadia could hear. She said the first and last part slightly more intrigued by this girl. Sh then pondered even mor about what was in the Pokeball that Arcadia had.
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