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    OK! I got 2 questions to ask.

    Is it necessary to post a topic on the video game playthrough without commentary and splitting into parts? The only way I can do live audio commentary is if I stream such as Console Games and PC games, because my audio commentary would turn the viewers off if I do this and upload them on to youtube. I was thinking about doing post commentary like Valis77 does, but thanks to shift that I have to work, I can't do post commentary either because I have a relative that will come into my room confused, saying "who are you talking to?" I live with my parents and am at my grand parents house because I have to go to work considering that I can't drive nor ride a bike. So I figured doing the videos with commentary would take a lot of work, especially live commentary.

    If I'm doing a boss playthrough on RPG such as Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars, is it necessary to post a topic about your RPG boss playthrough? My very first RPG boss playthrough was Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire (which got removed thanks to my fear.) Turn-based RPGs are long and can be annoying to do the whole playthrough because it takes long to get through each segments. For turn-based Strategy such as Fire Emblem, Tactics Ogre, Shining Force, and Final Fantasy Tactics, I'm going to have to do the whole required battles, that means I'm going to not record the video until I grinded enough so that my entire team is strong enough to defeat the enemies and survive.