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    Originally Posted by Piks View Post
    Who cares if you don't like Homika .... She is really cool looking and i'm pretty sure her battle with Ash will be more intense to see, then seening Ash battle with boring Drayden.

    Ash vs Homika should be more epic to see then him battling against bland boring Drayden. If you are disappointed that is your opinions, but this battle with Homika is more better since Ash will get his 8th Unova gym battle badge here.

    I'm pretty sure Homika is the official gym leader were Ash will get his final Gym badge from.... I'm pretty sure Homika can win with a unevolve Koffing....That is your opinions anyways which are not facts .......
    First point:
    You said that Ash's battle with Drayden would be boring and then you said your opinions are not facts...aren't those two statements completely contradictory... (Also more better isn't grammatically correct)

    A. LIKE YOU SAID-we have no idea how a gym battle with Drayden and Ash would be? How do you know it would be boring? I think most people would prefer to see Ash VS Pikachu than Ash VS a Koffing.

    B. Have you said the BW085 mini summary yet? They make it sound like it isn't going to be even official or he's going to lose.

    C. Doesn't that sort of make EVERYTHING about Iris sort of pointless? I mean they can get so much out of going to Opelucid city...
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