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    Originally Posted by chaos11011 View Post
    I don't think it is innocent in any way, it was commanded by the Plasma Grunt to attack the heros, so in Arcanine's defense, it was ordered by his trainer to attack the incomming threat.

    Anyways, in my opinion, this trailer really increased my hype for the release. Basically to the point that the only thing I can think of is the game. That battle scene though really made me consider my planned team, as I really want to use Seviper.
    same here, I only really used arcanine in Wi-Fi battles and i thought Lucario was overused (it probably will be since riolu is found so early) but after seeing the trailer, i really want those two now!

    and i'll always use Samurott, i just always use speed instead of strength in Pokemon games, thats just my style, so no emboar for me :D

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