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Oh you must be pretty good by now then Control Should post some of what you can do for us xD.

Kurui you make a lot of stuff don't you! You're extremely talented, its amazing! You should be so proud of yourself.
Though personally I am not a fan of heavily synthesised voices So can't really critique that last one. The backing track sounds cool/familiar though. (A song by COB which name escapes me atm.)

Alexandra I was just going to use either Audacity or REAPER to do the mixing if I ended up having too. Maybe you could check them out and do it xD xD! (Still learning my part, slowly getting there... slowly, (All the chord shapes look really weird in the tab ) )

Welcome Controversial?!
The collaboration is mainly going to just be done over the internet, where you record a part of a song with other members and someone mixes and edits it all together into one incredible track of the clubs talent!!
Im glad that you like the club! xD Hope you contribute some of your work as well xD

-cough- Good at guitar hero and plays lead -cough-