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Originally Posted by Lightning View Post
I know! They made the male protagonist look awesome even though I thought he looked pretty dorky to begin with so they probably would've made her extra great. :<

I did like all the cameos of other characters, but I was honestly never that big a fan of most of them so they didn't resonate with me nearly as much as most other people who saw the trailer, I suppose.
As much as I LOVED the trailer, I agree. He was corky as all get out. Personally I loved the trailer and thought it was perfect. That being said, I think the level of perfection would have been higher if the female character was indeed showcased as well as the male. However, it dies make me wonder a few things.

If she was showcased, how would the crowd take it? We here in the forums know that you can choose either male or female, have the same male rival regardless of who you chose, and know that Bianca and Cheren are no longer rivals to the main player. But what about those who don't keep up with the news? If she were included, would it lead people to believe that the game has two rivals just like the originals? As trivial as that may sound, I've checked around other forums that thought the other main character was a rival, and when they found out he/she isn't a rival, stated that they would not get the games. This alone can lead Gane Freak to believe that people may buy it and then return it for a full refund! D:

All in all, I do agree that the should have shown her. But if they do, I think they should do it in another trailer. Though really, it could be as simple as Japan being gender biased, which is lame. :c
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