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    Dante Redson --- Location-Icy Plains

    Once at the icy plains, Dante and Combusken continued walking through the plains just to see what is kind of pokemon was out there. At that point, Dante decided to head over to the icy beach where hopefully he will find some wild pokemon.

    "Lets go see if there is anything on beach", Dante said to himself as he started walking to to the beach with Combusken.

    Once there, Dante saw some icy pieces on the water and start to approach them. With that, Dante put his hand in the water to feel how cold the water was. At that moment, a Shellder and a Sealeo came out of the water and looked pretty mad.

    "Uh oh", Dante said, getting out the pokeball containing Elekid. "We might have stumbled on their territory. Anyway, go Elekid."

    Once Dante sent out Elekid, both Combusken and him got ready to fight.
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