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Jimmy Vincent

Jimmy continued to examine the stone. Rosalyn seemed really excited about having that stone. And Smokey was staring at Jimmy with his eyes wide open. What was he going to do? Was he gonna give the stone to Rosalyn just like that? Or was he gonna give it to her for a "small fee"? The Weezing looked confused, having known the rebellious-looking boy since he was just a little kid wandering the streets of Saffrom City. The Pokémon watched as Jimmy looked from the stone to Rosalyn, form Rosalyn to Kaida and Belle, and from them back to Rosalyn and then back at the stone. Then he closed his eyes.

'Humph. You can have it.' he said, 'I don't need it.'

As he watched Jimmy extending his right hand, which was holding the shiny stone to Rosalyn, Smokey got dizzy and passed out. Kaida and Jimmy were confused at that. But after some seconds, Jimmy realised why.

Oh, no...
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