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    George Edmunds

    George made good time on his short hike to the Academy. He could be sure this was the Academy because the not-so-subtle lettering adorning the gate told him so.
    “Well at least I’m in the right place…” He said under his breath as he strolled through the entrance. A quick glance around the surrounding grounds and he was off again. This time he walked purposefully down the drive to what he could only assume to be the main building. He scaled some steps and pushed open the large double doors.
    As he peered inside George could see his guess was correct. This was evident by the neat little desk over to one side adorned with a computer and bell. He rang the bell twice and waited.

    After 5 minutes of switching between ringing the bell and waiting George gave up. He dropped his bag and slumped into one of the waiting chairs. On the opposite wall was a map of the grounds. He rose slowly peering at it. Looking it over, he quickly located the Suicune dorm.
    “I guess I could leave my bag there and go explore the town….Its probably all locked up at the moment though. I’ll put it behind the desk here…I can collect it later.” George caught himself once again thinking aloud. But he did exactly as he said he would. Emptying his valuables into a smaller bag which zipped off the front of the main rucksack. He quickly scribbled an apologetic note and pushed the bag under the desk out of sight. With that he turned and left. He had completely failed to notice the small card, saying “Getting lunch. Be back in 10 minutes,” that had fallen to the floor behind the desk.

    After half an hour he arrived in Oak town. His three pokemon were following behind. All happy to be out of their balls and back in the sunlight.
    “Well guys! We better find where the important stuff is first. I think we should start with the Pokemon Centre before we get ourselves into a battle.”
    Kane gave a little growl. “I know Kane. Always ready to battle and never afraid! You’re becoming quite the fearsome pokemon!” He smiled and ruffled the fur on Kane’s head. The growlithe gave the hand a lick and the continued to walk on.

    After another fifteen minutes of aimless wandering George finally stumbled on the Pokemon Centre. He entered with the three pokemon and sat on some chairs to the side of the entrance. George then opened his bag and pulled out a XTransceiver. His mothers face quickly filled the small screen. Kane, Aber and Uhuru all jostled behind George to see or in Aber’s case to be seen.
    “I arrived fine Mum don’t worry!”
    A small pause occurred before George spoke again, “Yeah they’re doing great! Aber has been a bit restless but she’s always been a bit excitable. She’ll calm down soon enough.”
    Another pause, “Oh I haven’t met anyone yet. Im just exploring town until I can go and get settled into my dorm.”
    He stopped talking yet again as he waited for his mother to finish speaking.
    “Okay, say hi to Dad for me! Bye!”
    The call ended and George put away the XTransceiver.
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