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I can't wait
It's taking so long! I'm almost halfway through 23.

It's so unfair..... The last game I had... I tried really hard. I was getting kills, as well as helping my team get kills. But this stupid guy kept going out on his own and fed Twitch (15/0/3 by the end).
Most of the time, I feel like I'm better than the players on my team.
I think I'm going to make a smurf as soon as I hit 30 so I can own noobs whenever I get frustrated. /mean

And yeah... about the ranked setup. My CS usually isn't too bad if I get a solo lane. Better than the rest of my team 90% of the time if I'm trying.
I miss minions every once in a while, but at times, I can reach 70-80+ by 15 minutes (most don't get there)
I like having the gold to start my build early on.

It really doesn't help having Master Yi free this week

I hope I'll be decent by the end of this summer.
I don't know if I'm just bad... or if it's my team... or if I'm against smurfs.
I just lost a game and there was a guy with almost 300 CS by the end. Obvious smurf. He had 150 before 15 minutes as well.
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