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    Jack Jacobs
    Abandoned Power Plant--------------> Pokemon Center

    Blade and Herb were approached by the enthusiastic and energetic Tyro, just a nice way of saying hyperactive. Herb quickly jumped form Jack's head and went to meet Tyro and soon after regretted that decision, Blade just nodded as Tyro talked not paying too much attention but made an effort to not let the pokemon feel bad. Herb on the other hand was struggling and looked as if he wanted to jump right back into his pokeball away from all the talking. The word "Bro" was etched in his mind, the amount of times Tyro had said that word Herb was starting to think it was a record that he was looking to break.

    Blade looked across at the trainers, it seemed as if the were in some form of deliberation nut the scizor just hoped they were looking to leave this place. "Ok so to the pokemon center we go" Jack said alerting Blade and Herb of the decision "Gotta go nice to meet you" Herb said at the first chance he had when Tyro took a breath before running off and leaping unto his trainers head.

    Jack was only slightly concerned Danielle had two injured pokemon meaning her party was almost done for but fortunately Lucia still had fit pokemon and Jack had an entire team ready and rearing to go. Jack started to lead the way once again looking around for the nearest exit and after a couple minutes of walking they were out.

    "And now the pokemon center" Jack said before starting to walk again.
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