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Originally Posted by Piks View Post
Who cares if you don't like Homika .... She is really cool looking and i'm pretty sure her battle with Ash will be more intense to see, then seening Ash battle with boring Drayden.

Ash vs Homika should be more epic to see then him battling against bland boring Drayden. If you are disappointed that is your opinions, but this battle with Homika is more better since Ash will get his 8th Unova gym battle badge here.

I'm pretty sure Homika is the official gym leader were Ash will get his final Gym badge from.... I'm pretty sure Homika can win with a unevolve Koffing....That is your opinions anyways which are not facts .......
How is Drayden boring again? And comparison too a trainer we have yet too see in the game or at all for that matter... At least with Drayden you can say the he has a formidable Haxorus as it beat Iris Excadrill handily. What do we have to go off of for Homika? And you can't tell if a character is boring and bland till the character is expressed within the Anime otherwise that is just baseless speculation.

And inversely that is your opinion that the battle between Homika would be better then Drayden. Ash will get his 8th Unova badge here? You know something everyone else doesn't know? If so please do share. Otherwise like the rest of us we just assume this is either official match or that its just a sparring match with Homika or something to that nature.

Sounds like you are trying to make a lot of opinions into facts as well, so don't question others assumptions if you make several of your own that you have just as much basis on as they do.

Originally Posted by TheFuturePokemon View Post
Hold up i thought this gym is suppose to be in east unova?
Secondly If it's a nearby gym how come she's using pokemon not native to unova?

6 on 3? Seeems more like 6 on 6 but with Homika beating Ash with only 3 pokemon.
Even if Ash loses I'm pretty sure Ash and gang will still go to Opelucid City cause they still haven't finished the plot with Iris and Drayden and Excadril?
Opelucid is near by East Unova though. Cross over to the East of Opelucid and you have Route 11 as East Unova. I would venture to guess cause this is key to promoting Black and White 2 games.

I still have the feeling that Ash battles either of them as well. Since irrc Brycen mentioned there was on in Opelucid and Iris gave a weird look in the background.

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