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Tbh nowadays I'm only really playing either solo mid or support, seeing as it's either my job to carry or not get CS. But it all really depends on the champ I'm playing as well when I get CS. Most I can get 70-80 by the time of the 15 minute mark, but 150 seems crazy. That's the mark of a true warrior on the fields of justice. All I know is that I hate it when people focus more on getting kills rather than the objective. Someone who will go off around trying for ganks rather than destroying a turret.

I also hate it when I'm Caitlyn being forced to solo top because we have a Pantheon who refuses to do so.

Also just from the champion spotlight, what's everyone's opinion on Darius? To me he seems pretty interesting, just not as tanky as I thought he would be. He seems to be a bit more like Jarvan or Garen if you ask me. Also I find his passive is OP, seeing as he hits you once, and he has sight over you forever. But come to think of it, he could be a great compadre for Warwick.
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