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Originally Posted by Myc Shredder View Post
- Name -
Myc Shredder

- Why Do you want to join? -
I find Misty to be me the most outstanding female character in the entire anime: the hero's first companion; unique in every aspect (persona, looks, likes); & quite frankly, the anime just sucks without her :D
Plus, I've always had a crush on my Mist <3

- What's your favorite pokémon of Misty -

What Misty shipping do you like most? -
Pokéshipping; & then some more pokéshipping.
Cool! You like Gyarados too. I love Gyarados. >< Welcome to the club Myc Shredder! I'll add you to the list.

I got one.Topic: How do you think Iris and Cilan respond upon meeting Misty, if she ever return in Unova?
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