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Valorie Ryder - Academy Grounds
Valorie stared into the flames as they crashed into the gabite as if searching for a sign of something. The gabite seemed to take the attack with grace, and proceeded to fling itselfin Charizar'd direction, it's body glowing with power. Valorie had heard Drake though. It was dragon rush, a rather powerful dragon attack. For a moment she considered having Charizard counter it, but she hesitated when she saw how fast the attack was coming. On second though, perhaps this wasn't the ideal time to counter.

"...Charizard, iron tail!"

Maris crashed into Charizard, the attack seeming to do a rather significant amount of damage. Charizard slid back across the ground some and responded by turning and swinging her tail, which now shone with a metallic sheen and a blue flame on it's tip, directly at the dragon pokemon. The attack possessed a great deal of force, and would no doubt knock Maris a substantial distance backwards.

Now, Valorie was not polite enough to wait for Drake to use items in battle. After all, that was practically cheating! Therefore she promptly commanded Charizard to use dragon pulse whist Drake was fiddling around. Next thing he knew, Charizard was spewing a grey mist-like substance laced with neon purple energy at Maris, Charizard's body simultaneously glowing with a powerful aura.

Arcadia - Vaguely a river
Arcadia paused a moment, tilting her finger in such a manner so as to cause the pokeball to fall into her palm, where she gripped it to get it to stop spinning. She gave Zora a brief grin and tossed the ball. From it emerged a rather large pokemon. It was Rhyperior, the final evolution of rhyhorn! The pokemon seemed to be ready for battle.

"Alright Rhyperior, rock wrecker! Aim for... the distance!"

The rhyperior held up it's arms, taking aim into the sky at a diagonal angle. The sound of stone grinding was heard for a brief moment, followed by a piercing snap as a rather large chunk of rock shot out of Rhyperior's arm, rocketing off into the sky at such a speed that by the time it finally came down it had already disappeared into the distance. FORE

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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