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Oh boy, I was never asked a question like this.

Normal: Zangoose--By far the coolest looking Normal type pokemon out there (with a rivalry)
Bug: Volcarona--The first Fire/Bug combo out there.
Fighting: Hariyama--The pokemon looks like a sumo wrestler.
Flying: Braviary--Will be by far the most awesome flying type (it looks like an eagle, how cool is that)
Poison: Drapion--A Poison/Dark type that can take down psychic types.
Water: Ludicolo--Love the way it dances :D
Fire: Infernape--gotta love the fire monkey
Grass: Shiftry--I really like the design on this one
Rock: Lunatone--I like the way it looks like a moon
Steel: Aggron--awesome defenses and cool cry
Ground: Garchomp--one of the fastest pseudo-legendary pokemon (i think)
Dragon: Hydreigon--has an excellent sp. attack
Electric: Eleketross--the only Electric type that has levitate
Psychic: I don't have a favorite psychic
Ice: Spheal--it's so cute
Ghost: Dusknoir--its the pokemon grim reaper (now thats scary)
Dark: Honchkrow--love the gangster theme for it