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Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
Why not just play Minecraft Classic when it's already there? It's even free to play on the official website. Unless you're adding your own personal touches or something of the like, it makes no sense as to why you're creating this in the first place.

Ally NPCs (Castle Defenders?) and sidequests (Millénare?) are already available in mod form. Plus, they're not that hard to install. Besides, Notch said that an Adventure Mode (quests) will be added sometime in the near future. If you check out the Minecraft Wiki, Adventure Mode is in the "planned" section of features..

What I'm getting at is, why make a Minecraft clone for the same exact platform on which Minecraft was designated, when there is already a free version hosted by the official Minecraft team?

Minecraft Official Website
Good point but here is why:

I'm adding:
Better objects (Spheres/Wedges/ect.)
Custom ally settings
Custom Village settings
Custom Timeline (Medieval,modern,future)

And I am expanding my scripting knowledge with this.
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