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Originally Posted by PeterPP View Post
Hi to everyone! I'm looking for somebody who will help me in calculating how much my cards are worth. I'm just selling my old collection from my childhood and I really don't know anything about those cards. Below I made a small list of my rare cards, and to make it easier I made also photos of my collection to recognize cards easier. If I think correctly, most of them are from basic set. Thanks in advance for any help!


Charizard (holographic)
Blastoise (holographic)
Raichu (holographic)
Nidoking (holographic)
Ninetales (holographic)
Wigglytuff (holographic)
Poliwrath (holographic)
Alakazam (holographic)
Machamp (holographic)
Victreebel (holographic)
Magneton (holographic)
Gengar (holographic)
Hypno (holographic)
Hitmonchan (holographic)
Chansey (holographic)
Gyarados (holographic)
Lapras (holographic)
Vaporeon (holographic)
Kabutops (holographic)
Zapdos (holographic)
Mewtwo (holographic)
Misty's Cloyster
Brock's Onix
Lt. Surge's Raichu
Giovanni's NIdoking (holographic)
Koga's Pidgeotto
Dark Weezing
Go on the internetz and check if you have any colorless holos and or 1st editions. To find out what Shadowless or 1st Editions are, just google search it.

If you do have some, they are probably worth more!

Anyway I am interested in Victribell Holo, Gengar Holo, and Hypno Holo. If they are Near Mint anyway. I will pay you $2 each if you like. Or trade you for something you need.