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    Kit shook her head when she saw Lucy do that... Thing with her stomach. Kit hopped up, and brushed her jacket off. Thankfully, she transformed back to a human, so no tails were harmed. Kit completely ignored the other people. She had absolutely no interest in them. All she wants at the moment is to be able to do what Lucy did. "Use Mimic" Candlelight said. Kit grinned. She abruptly, and quite rudely, grabbed Lucy. She didn't care what Lucy was doing at the moment. Kit's eyes started to glow a strange blue. She was doing what Candlelight was telling her to do. Using her slightly psychic power, she started to copy Lucy. Her stomach started feeling stretched. Kit held her stomach, and felt something strange... A mouth! It worked!! Kit can eat ANYTHING!!! Kit let Lucy go, and sat down on a pice of debris. Kit started laughing as she played around with her newly formed stomach. "Awesome..."
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