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Update #1

Buzzy // Elekid

Level; 28
Mud Slap
Light Screen

-Obtained Buzzy from Professor Elm.
-Completed errand for Elm and got Pokédex from Professor Oak.
-Battled rival, named him Dylan.
-Caught Pidgey and Sentret as HM Slaves.
-Got a tour of Cherrygrove.
-Defeated Joey and his legendary Rattata.
-Scaled Bellsprout Tower and obtained Flash.
-Easily took down Falkner.
-Went through Union cave.
-Beat Rockets in Slowpoke Well and ran them out of Azaelea town.
-Easily defeated Dylan.
-OHKO'd all of Bugsy's team.
-Got Cut after saving Farfetch'd.
-Went through Ilex forest.
-Grinded around Goldenrod.
-Struggled to beat Whitney, after losing twice I spammed Mudslap and followed up with a few Thunderpunches.

Update #2 (Quick update)

Buzzy // Electabuzz

Level; 33
Mud Slap
Thunder Punch
Light Screen

-Got Squirtbottle and defeated Sudowoodo.
-Buzzy evolved while battling the Kimono girls, get ready Johto.
-Defeated Morty's Gym trainers.
-Eased past Morty
-under construction
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