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His studio? Where was that if there were limited parking spaces? Well... it didn't sound too bad. Without debating the topic, Kerin followed the what he thought was a really tall vampire to the elevator. Raum led the way, pushing the buttons, stepping out at the right floor (which was the bottom floor) and outside into the sun. It was a little odd to see this place in the light; Kerin had only seen it the night before last when he came here in the pouring rain. Then, Kerin almost fell over as he heard the pop of an opening umbrella and Raum shielding himself from the sunlight. Why, the sun wasn't that hot. In fact, it felt warm and pleasant. So why...? Well, it didn't matter a whole lot.

A voice called out to them (well, to Raum) and Kerin turned his head with his guide's, noticing a man running towards them. He gave Raum a note and left as soon as he came. Kerin didn't take much notice of it but when he felt eyes on his neck, he looked back him.

"Nothing too important," the guide said.

"Right," Kerin blinked. He didn't care that much.

With a whistle from Raum, a sleek white and pretty luxurious car pulled up to them, with servants dressed to suit the car. They immediately tended to the man and with a wave of his hand, Kerin followed him in.

Conversation felt even more awkward than Kerin was.

"Last year I had a demon, so this is a wonderful change of pace for me~ Perhaps if you win, I can have another vampire next year~! Vampires are so much easier to work with," Kerin didn't say anything, feeling a little distasteful at being called a vampire. Of course, that's what he was but no, he wasn't. He didn't really like vampires but had to live with them. He was... what was he?

He didn't take much notice of outside and was barely as excited as his guide was. Kerin kept his eyes on his feet trying to practice keeping a small flame in his hands until Raum decided to point something out.

"These are where most of the Victors live after winning the Games~! All except for Bernkastel, of course," he added. Kerin glanced outside only to see possibly the biggest house he had ever laid his eyes on. It was enormous. Nothing could really compare to it, except maybe... a space station? Something really big. The moon perhaps? Was that going too far? And the last one was double the size of most of them! Kerin had only known his dingy house, his old home and right now, the 5-star rooms he lived in at this present time. He secretly wondered what the insides looked like.

"Why doesn't Bernkastel live here?" Kerin asked innocently, staring at the biggest one.
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