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Cutscenes probably won't show up until we're well into a 3DS game. (Rendered in 3D!) I'd actually like to see that approach. I'd also like to see voice acting, and I bet that'll be on a potential 3DS game too.

Rendering cutscenes for two different protagonists isn't that bad. See Fire Emblem Awakening, where there's a very large combination of characters you could potentially have; the various combinations of attributes would be impossible to create cutscenes with.

Originally Posted by Kaori View Post
I agree with you, but at the same time there is always the future. Yeah this is the first time GameFreak has made a trailer like this so if they continue to, maybe they will include greater things. Like scenes of both protagonists!
The Pokémon Company most likely funded the trailer, as it's their role to do the marketing for the Pokémon series. GameFreak likely provided some ideas, but aren't actually responsible for the trailer itself. It wouldn't be the first time The Pokémon Company has contracted an anime studio (in all cases, OLM) to make a trailer - we ended up getting promotion "episodes" for Mystery Dungeon's three games, and one for Pokémon Ranger.
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