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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    They never allow item transfer between two different timeline games due to inconsistencies between games. Sometimes item codes change, sometimes Items change themselves. Same reason HMs are blocked when transfering. The coding for them may be the reason they are prevented.
    The fact that the item codes are different isn't the problem, the workaround for that is quite easy. I think Gamefreak just decided to cut us off for whatever reason. Also Pokémon that know HMs cannot be transfered because there is a possibility that someone could get stuck somewhere if that Pokémon were transfered. For example: transferring your only surf capable Pokémon when you're on an island like Cianwood city and have no means to capture another would be a way to get stuck.

    Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    HMs, like Key Items, can never be held items. Hence, they could not be transferred.
    He was likely referring to HM moves, since Pokémon that know HMs cannot be transferred. I honestly think that B2W2 should allow you to transfer them as long as you have another Pokémon who knows that move somewhere in your box. That way, I could get my hard earned Surfchus and Flychus onto my 5th gen games.

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