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Originally Posted by pokemonranger109 View Post

  • Made it passed Goldenrod Gym Whitney and recieved badge
  • Got bike
  • Left to go to Eureake Town
  • Met Euisene
  • Made Entie,Riaku,And Suicune Run after i battled my Rival i think thats wen u battle him just going from memory here
  • beat grunt in the Dance hall
  • Went to the Moo-Moo farm
  • gave Moo-moo 3 oran berrys
  • went to olivine
  • Battled rival if not at Eureeke still off memory here
  • Evolved Quilava
  • Got to the top of light house
  • Went to Cainwood town
  • got medicine
  • Saw suicune
  • battled Euisene and won
  • Beat Chuck
  • Saved in the pokemon Center
Currently Rex the Typhlosion is Lv. 40
Learned moves:
Flame Wheel, Cut , Shadow Claw, Lava Plume.
  • Taught phoine surf and Rayzquala Fly
  • Flew to Jazmine and won my gym badge
  • Flew to Eureake Town and got Strenght
  • Saw Suicune and passed through the Mt.
  • Went to mahogany and bought plenty of items including potions,and pokeballs
  • Went to Lake O' Rage and caught Gyrados in a Heal ball and obtained the scale
  • Went to strange house with Lance after getting Rage candy Bar
  • Lance useD hyper Beam on Dude...
  • It was too funny!:O------>BRAAAAAWRR!
  • Went down stairs to defeat 2 grunts.
  • And now I puased to do this.