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Well I'm not exactly totally sure what her disability is but I'm sure they will help her and give her an idea, I'll definitely put them up on the front page so people have something to work with if they are in a wheelchair or have a similar disability.
Definitely talk to a professional first though to make sure you dont hurt yourself!
I think Kurui is more a special case though so I hope she can explain it a bit better for us and give us some more information to work with so we can figure something out for her

Well its not REALLY necessary but they all work different muscle groups. It probably is a bit much (What does everyone else think) so I might just drop one of them out in the following days. Its really more just a guideline then anything with the high reps to get your more "cut" then "big".
Personally I always do Wall Squat Holds, I think they do your hammies and quads, you definitely feel them though. I think I'll put L-Sits into the next home workout which Ill rotate probably every two weeks? Is that fine? The main reason Im going to rotate the workouts is because you need to continually challenge your body to adapt to get good results from working out (At least this is what I believe) and if you keep doing the same workout over and over again your body will just get use to it and you'll plateau. (Which is one of the reasons for the Hump Day Workout.)

Okay well personally Im going to say give the one I put up a go, maybe just cut out the chin ups or pull ups. The change will definitely hit you hard and get your muscles thinking, "Time for us to be getting more stronger." Though don't do it all in one workout if you dont want to, seperate the arm work outs from the leg work outs?

For your thing, To figure out that you should probably work out how many you can comfortably do, say 15 and then drop it back to say 8-10 and do 3 sets of them. Like find your max amount then only do half of it with proper form. (Make sure you have a grip outside your shoulder width, hands on your side of the bar, palms facing away from you. Make sure you extend your arms out fully so they are completely straight with no bend in them. And when doing the pull up make sure you get your chin above the bar.) If youre not doing weight squats I suggest doing jump squats are itll do another muscle group if you do.

For day 2 perhaps challenge yourself and either make it elevated push ups or diamond push ups to make it a lil harder. Do the tricep dips as well though, Im thinking 3 sets or 12-15 reps for those two? Maybe only 8 if youre struggling with them.
May I suggest doing step ups on day to as well, possibly dumbbell step ups if you have any dumbells to keep it a bit more fair on your legs?

Heres a plan for you
Monday: Do your day 1 workout
Wednesday: Do the Hump Day Work out I put up xD
Friday: Do your day 2 workout
or something like that maybe?

I will definitely think about reading that book though and get back to you once I do.

Does anyone take any supplements or anything such as protein shakes etc?