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Originally Posted by Logiedan View Post
That's like saying "Hey Game-Freak, why make another Pokemon game with these features if there is a rom-hack/fan-game with them?"

It's a great way to expand your coding language and to start off, and although I don't know much about game development and coding myself, it looks great. I'm even surprised you managed to replicate the game concept and design of Minecraft with GameMaker.

actually the basic system (creating/destroying blocks) was somone named Laurens not me I added onto this ALOT which makes mine better than 90% of those you see with game maker.

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post

Lastly, for suggestions on features, I would like to see the following:
-Fully customizable character (define head/torso/pants/shoes/etc.)
-More randomly generated structures (like castles/shops/underground villages)
-Minigames (Not sure what exactly, but maybe something like defending a castle from a zombie invasion)
1. Ok (as soon as I get the player's graphics setup)
2. I was intending this (but the underground ones is unike to me)
3. Alright if I get ideas for these then I shall do this.

Oh yes the original engine is here:
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