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Lucy -
Lucy just sort of watched Amethyst with both brows raised. When Amethys approached her and started giving her 'the treatment' she just sort of melted a bit inside, smiling in an awkward manner. As it turned out, the ability to literally eat dirt meant that although Lucy didn't see much morally wrong with it she really had no strong desire to send the girl to an awful fate. She also didn't exactly have a better theory as to why this girl stood before her. What did she know, besides the bare minimums? She actually held out her hand after a moment at a somewhat sluggish speed as if asking for Amy's hand in turn. This was a less universal gesture in this day and age, mainly because when it came to pokespirit wielders half the time a handshake was used as a threat, taunt, or trick. In that sense however, it took a degree of trust to offer or accept a handshake.

"So you're from--Ga-aah..!"

Lucy was abruptly grabbed and yanked off balance by Kit, who proceeded to copy her most signature ability while she just sort of stood there, looking confused. It was only after the ability had already been copied that Lucy figured out what was going on, at least on some level, and made an effort to stabilize herself. Being let go she turned to Kit and just sort of gave her this baffled look for a moment, observing that Kit had apparently copied her stomach. A look of irritation crossed her face and she balled her hands. She didn't know why this bothered her, but /boy/ did she want to throw a fist right about now.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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