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Update #3

Buzzy // Electabuzz

Level; 56
Mud Slap

-Beat Dylan in Burned Tower.
-Went to Olivine city to battle Jasmine.
-Scaled lighthouse and she told me she wouldn't battle me until 'Amphy' was better. She asked me to go to Cianwood to get medicine.
-Collected Medicine and battled Chuck while I was there (forgot screenie). He went down easily.
-Flew back to Olivine and gave Medicine to Jasmine and she agreed to battle me.
-Beat Jasimine. Steelix was a challenge, taking all 10 Mud Slaps and several Swifts to take it down.
-Flew to Mahogany and challenged Pryce.
-Took him down easily.
-Made my way through Ice Cave.
-Battled Clair, and won!
-But she refused to give me the badge..

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