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    Originally Posted by Plusleminun View Post
    But I can also borrow someone elses 3DS and use my game on it to get the new forms right?
    Originally Posted by Migrating Mews View Post
    Probably. As long as they didn't transfer it to there game already. :p
    I'm not sure. I mean theoretically so long as it doesn't ID your game like the Pokewalker and Dream World do, you should be able to find them, catch them, and transfer them into your copy off of a friend's 3DS.

    They don't have compatibility info on it other than you can send what you catch to your copy of B2W2. We'll know more later this summer though.

    It still a rumor on whether you can catch more than one though. I don't remember seeing them say you could, but a lot of sources say you can catch more than one.
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