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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
I think all clubs should forego sign up forms. I hate it when clubs have sign up forms. And even more-so when clubs have sign up forms that need the username. lol you can't see what my username is from my post? If you want to join a club, you should just be able to post in there and say you want to join and then start contributing just like any other thread.
This works if your posts are detailed and informative, but I think a sign up form is crucial for the majority of members joining clubs. It's not some official thing that you have to do before joining, people can post in clubs without having signed up (at least in PoC), but it's just a case of "Hi, here's some information about my interests relating to the topic" rather than "Hi I'm joining" which is what a lot of members would end up posting given the chance. Maybe I'm being judgemental, but from past experiences of running clubs without sign up forms, this is what happened. :p But yeah the username thing is silly, I mainly just include it for an easier c/p source and since its standard in most clubs, but yeah its pretty weird to include it. xD