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I saw this and I liked to request something ._.

I need following 2 things:

(VS Sprite)
Username: FlipelyFlip
Which VS Background shall we use: Style 3 please
Who should VS who: Hero from Gold VS Mewtwo
Should we insert names: no
How bad do you need it: not really sure what you mean here, but if you're asking how soon I need it, then take your time, it's not very important for my game at the moment (:

Username: FlipelyFLip
What Pokemon do you want us to fuse: Mewtwo + Aerodactyl
How bad do you need it: also not that important ._.
Additional Note: Make a very poor looking Mewtwo. It should look more like anything than a mewtwo. It can have it's typical colors, but the looking should be very different. Like if it's a cloning failure (that's the reason shy Aerodactyl) (:

that would be all (:
I'd like to say thank you if one of you both could do that for me ._.