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Well, I already got bored of my lengthy posts. XD So here goes for the second update:

  • Started out in Ilex Forest, capturing the Farfetch'd. Received HM1 Cut.
  • Headed North to Goldenrod, headed to the Radio Tower and took the quiz to receive a card for my Pokegear. Whitney noticed I got the card, so she headed back to her gym. After losing at least six times to her freaking Miltank, I finally gave in and trained Ralph to level 29 so he could withstand her attacks. But I finally won, 2HKOing it when she started out with Rollout instead of Attract.

  • Went next door and received the squirtbottlethingy and used it to move the lazy Sudowoodo.
  • While battling the trainers between the cities something shocking happened:
*drumroll please*

  • Eventually reached Ecruteak, talked to Bill, and found Eusine stalking Suicune. But when I scared the beasts away, he didn't seem to concerned...weird...

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