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Update #4 (Quick Update)

Buzzy // Electabuzz

Level; 59

-Got Dragon Fang in Dragon's Den.
-Clair gave me my 8th badge.
-Made way through Victory Road.
-Beat rival.
-Preparing to battle Elite 4.

Update #5
-Began Pokémon League Challenge.
-Defeated Will.
-Defeated Koga.
-Defeated Bruno.
-Lost to Karen, by a Quick Attack from her Murkrow
-Tried again.
-Beat Will.
-Beat Koga.
-Lost to Bruno, his Machamp landed a critical.
-Tried AGAIN.
-OHKO'd all of Will's team.
-Eased past Koga.
-Dismantled Bruno's team.
-Beat Karen.
-Defeated Lance!
-Became Champion!
-Decided to go to Kanto to take on the Gym challenge.
-under construction
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