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Juicy it's really you choice on whether you want to do steady work outs or not (Personally I change my routine bi-weekly, but I keep the same weight for 4 weeks.) If you chose to do a steady routine for a long period of time, I really suggest doing the hump day workout, as I think the little challenge will really help your results! Though this is just my opinion on the matter, I am sure other people would have other opinions on it as well. Might make this the clubs main topic point for awhile.

Drakow do you do different variations of crunches or just the normal run of the mill ones? Knuckle push ups are intense on your wrists, I know why you do them (totally for karate so you have less chance of hurting yourself when punching) Also they make your knuckles stronger as well. Training with a katana... AWESOME!!! What do you do with it? Just forms? or hit stuff?
What karate do you learn??

So you're a bodybuilder :O. What kind of routines do you do for body building?