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    I asked this question on serebii and bulbagarden and got different responses. How can you pull this off?

    I had an idea of one. The story takes places a few weeks after a story I'm currently working on called Space lives on my breath. In this upcoming one, Palkia wants to seek revenge on Cresselia, a girl who has been tormenting her for her abilities for the past 3 years. The reason Palkia did this? When Palkia started school, Cresselia has always made fun of her and made her school life miserable. She would call her names, make fun of her spatial abilities, and throw things at her, and even get the other Pokemon to join in. And for those 2 years even when she was at home, Cresselia's words hurt Palkia to the point that she thought she was worthless. When in reality, Cresselia makes fun of Palkia because she dislikes that Palkia was technically the strongest female Pokemon in class when it has always been her. If the other Pokemon knew that then she wouldn't be popular anymore. Plus she felt that she had a better life and better boyfriend than she did. Darkrai mostly comes at night to that's the only time she gets to see him that is until he had to be enrolled in school. During that time in this story, he learns that the time he spends with Cresselia means alot not only to her but it starts to make him better as well.

    How she does this is that when Cresselia, her servants and her friends are having a party, she warps the moon to her dimension. Or another revenge plot I had was her messing her up for her party, like ruining her beauty.

    Also, she does this because Cresselia has been saying all this time that space was nothing, but in another fic, you'll know that it's not the case.

    I know with the moon there are tides involved but will this be reasonable for a revenge fic?

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