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"Always, she has a few rules that, if met, can mean an alliance. I would say that she is more likely to wait for you to ask, than approach you herself. Her main concern would be protection for herself, and her other allies. So be sure you know who her allies are before you ask."

"I suppose I could take my chances regardless. If she has a number of alliances and I propose my own membership into her…team, for lack of better phrasing, then I acquire more allies in one single move. I suspect I will require them. Though, I am unsure of how to approach a lady of her stature with such a notion. I doubt I can waltz up to her and simple request permission to join her squad," Daiki said, before slouching into a chair burying his face into his hands. Clearly the stress of the games was getting to him, whether or not he would like to admit such a harsh reality. How could a human like him stand to face to face with angels, demons and vampires in a land of Gods? Humanity has no place in this world.

"As for your magic abilities, light can be used for distraction purposes. Set up decoys to swerve your enemies in the wrong direction. Blind your foes, or disorient them with flashing, moving balls of light. Light can be used to brighten caves and places of hiding. One would be able to travel at night just like the vampires, and gain ground much quicker in comparison to the other humans."

"This light hardly sounds effective in a competition that is often decided in combat, rather than a test of survival. I am not stupid enough to remain oblivious to the fact that Gods find this whole escapade entertaining and have constructed this whole thing as a means of keeping themselves distracted from their ideal lives for a few days. They want us to fight. They want us to die in glorious combat to satisfy their desire for blood and gore," Daiki groaned, before stomping over to the window overlooking the sea floor, staring into the deep ocean. His mind felt at ease for a moment or two, taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"I never imagined I would find myself in these games. I never really understood the selection process to be honest, but every year my mother would reassure that my sister and I would never be selected. And every year she was right. I thought that I could move on with my life, get married, have a few kids to pass on the name and ride off into the sunset like in one of my stories. But now, I find myself trapped on this boat, mere hours from an untimely fate after a tussle with the devil. Such a fate I would never wish to bestow upon my worst of enemies in any fashion. I suppose in more regular competition I would fancy my chances as fairly good, but I do not experience such confidence. With such opponents commanding powers and abilities far greater than my own, I pose you this question: What chance do I really have?"

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