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Many thanks for reading, bewbs and Asty!

Originally Posted by bewbs View Post
I really enjoyed it. I thought it was well written and the characters were interesting. Just wondering are Jacob and Ross ect, OCs or characters from one of the later seasons? Silly question, but I'm only familiar with the first two seasons and Digimon Tamers and I think character is one of your strong points by reading the fic.
Glad you liked it. And to answer your question, the humans are originals and this doesn't take place in any already established Digimon timeline. It's basically my take on a new entry in the franchise.

Originally Posted by Astinus
But seriously, the problems that you had with the telling instead of the showing are gone. I love the fact that Ross's thoughts are put in through the chapter, giving us more insight on his character despite the fact that he doesn't talk much. It's also a treat to see this from his point-of-view as the "lone wolf", as compared to Jacob's being the leader.
It is a huge relief to hear you say that. The whole time I was writing this I was worried that it was still going to read like something I had written two years ago.

Originally Posted by Astinus
Let me also compliment you on taking your time setting up the characters instead of rushing to get to the action.
Thanks, but you remind me of what I think is my biggest challenge coming up, and that is that I have actually written very few action scenes before. -_- The action is coming, and I'm going to try to make it leave an impact, so fingers crossed on that one.

And really, thanks for finding the time to read and review. I'll try to get chapter three up reasonably quickly! (but again, no promises. I've learned to stop making writing-timetable promises. x_x )

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