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  • Defeated Morty; received the Fog Badge

  • Headed through Route 38/39 and captured a Raticate for my Rock Smash, Strength, and Cut HM Slave.
  • Reached Olivine City and fought my way to Jasmine and Ampharos in the lighthouse.
  • Left Olivine and surfed West for Cianwood
  • Approached Suicune and then defeated that weirdo Eusine.
  • Retreived the Pokemon medicine from the pharmacy
  • Defeated Chuck and received the Storm Badge; taught Ralph Focus Punch

  • Received HM2 Fly and surfed back to Olivine (as I don't have a flying type >_<)
  • Engaged Jasmine and won with Focus Punch; received Mineral Badge.

  • Walked to Ecruteak and then progressed East.
  • Before surfing, I entered Mt. Mortar to catch a Zubat for Fly.
  • Reached Mahogany, then went North to the Lake of Rage, defeated the Gyrados, talked to Lance, headed to souvenir shop, watched as Lance manhandled the occupants (GO LANCE! WOO!)
  • Entered the huge underground base, defeated Petrel and Ariana and their Electrode slaves.
  • Defeated Bryce and received the Glacier Badge.

Next Installment: Goldenrod Radio Tower! Stay tuned...

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